IslesNation Protest

Published on March 7th, 2014 | by Pete Truszkowski


Isles Nation Protest

UPDATE (March 9th at 4:00 PM EST): I changed the chants so there aren’t as many chants, making it easier to keep track of the chants and not lose the power by having too many. Also, instead of wearing black, I decided that wearing our Islanders jersey inside out is a better option, so we will go with that. Continue to spread the word!

If you’re anything like me, you love this team to no end.

You love the logo, you love the guys wearing the jersey, and you love what the New York Islanders are.

However, especially as of late, you just cannot stand Isles management and the overall fraud this organization has become.


Since the news of Vanek declining an extension, this team has gone through a free-fall and I find myself more and more disgusted about this organization everyday. Whether it’s Snow’s comments about Tavares’ injury trying to take blame off himself, the blown third period leads every night under an inept head coach, awful trades that set this team back, lack of accountability with roster decisions (Bailey), media having a field day with this circus of an organization, or any of the other things that plague this franchise, I’m nearing my breaking point.

Don’t get me wrong, I will never give up on this team and will be a lifelong fan. However, I have a lot of built up frustration and anger directed towards this organization and I believe myself and parts of this fanbase are ready to express our feelings. Some people will not agree with the approach, but in my world it is better to stand for something you truly believe in and are passionate about, rather than sit on your hands and watch passively and hope and pray something happens.

“Blind faith and hope with prayer are what lazy and non-passionate people rely on.” – Pete Truszkowski, 19, SUNY Albany


We are protesting the inept Isles organization and management, led by owner Charles Wang and GM Garth Snow. We are protesting the lack of progress of Garth Snow’s rebuild that has dragged out for way too long. We are protesting the lack of accountability surrounding this organization. We are protesting the constant salary of this team being at or near the NHL mandated cap floor.

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We will be protesting before, during and after the Islanders/Sabres game next Saturday (March 15th)


We will be buying tickets to the game on the secondary market, meaning Stubhub or EBay or something of the like. Note: Not Ticketmaster or the box office. This ensures that we do not give Wang extra money since these tickets were already purchased and Wang would have this money either way. As for parking, if you can find somewhere to park near the Coliseum, park there. If not, try to park in the $7 lot to give Wang as little money as possible. Do not buy pretzels, hot dogs, beer, jerseys, or anything that will give Wang money at the game.

We will be meeting in the parking lot between the Marriott and the Coliseum sometime late Saturday afternoon, around 4:30-5 PM. If you guys want to tailgate during the protest, that is fine with me. We will be wearing our Islanders jerseys INSIDE OUT. Paper bags over the head are also fine by me. Signs are welcome as well. We will protest in the parking lot by starting chants, holding signs, and potentially handing out flyers to inform people about the Isles organization.

We will then make our way in to the Coliseum a few minutes before puck drop. We will try to stick together as a group, but if we get broken up, try and stay with at least 4-5 fellow protesters. This way, our chants pick up steam and you will not look like a lunatic screaming alone. Please be respectful during the national anthem as well.

With 16:00 remaining in every period, we will chant: WANG MUST SELL
With 12:00 remaining in every period, we will chant: SNOW MUST GO
With 8:00 remaining in every period, we will chant: FIRE CAPPY
With 4:00 remaining in every period, we will chant: WE WANT ANSWERS

I am not a huge fan of a walkout as I believe it sends the wrong message to the players and is not the most effective ways to make our voices be heard. I do not want players getting a bad vibe, so the final chant is for that cause.

After the game, we will all re-convene as a group outside Gate 11 and take a lap around the Coliseum, much like Section 329 does and chant the above mentioned chants. When we get back to Gate 11, I have an idea to put all of the SPARE CHANGE we can bring into the place without looking suspicious in a pile and leave it with a note saying “WE CARE, HELP OUR TEAM, OR KEEP WASTING OUR MONEY. YOUR CHOICE” 

After this, we will return to the plaza right outside the box office and continue chanting with our signs.

I’m always open for suggestions and ideas, so if you have any of those, leave them in the comments below or reach me on twitter @NYIslesNation


About the Author

Pete Truszkowski

A 20 year old junior at SUNY Albany majoring in finance, Pete is the founder of Isles Nation. He's run the twitter account since January 2012 and the website since June 2013. His passion for this team is unmatched and he works hard to keep his followers informed and entertained. After all these years of pain and torture, I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

104 Responses to Isles Nation Protest

  1. Kenny says:

    Love the idea and will definetly be participating. Just wanna let uk take it easy on the flyers and signs cuz Ik a guy who tried that and they kicked him out. Otherwise sounds great and I will have a bag on my head lol

  2. Chad says:

    All sounds good but we should wear our jerseys backwards. They are our colors and it will symbolize how the organization is being run. Ass backwards. I’ll be wearing mine that way.

  3. Tim says:

    Sounds like a good idea. Can I suggest, as someone who has done this before, you should eliminate some of chants. People will become confused and the chants won’t be clear. Stick to 3 and do them in order every time. Wang Must Go! Snow Must Go! Fire Cappy! Keep it simple and clear. And be loud. Throw in a Let’s Go Islanders once in a while too! We have successfully brought about change before. It can be done again. Good luck!

  4. fred says:

    Add a Josh bailey chant in there, i absolutely hate bailey this season.

  5. jocko ranjit says:

    Jocko and the Original New York Islanders Hardcore (Est 2009) group will be out there to stand alongside yous and will be in FULL VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jocko ranjit says:

    Jocko and the Original New York Islanders Hardcore (Est 2009) group will be out there to stand alongside yous and will be in FULL VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Owen says:

    We should meet up at the ramp after the lap around the coliseum so the players will see

  8. Ron says:

    I wish you all the best of luck on your quest to get us back on the right track. Living in Canada near Toronto I obviously won’t be there but applaud your effort. Your going to have to be the voice for all of us fans that don’t live near long island. I’m sick and tired of listening to the Isles bashing on the radio and reading it in the paper. Good luck and do all of us Islander fans proud.

  9. Rob says:

    I am asking you to please not do the walk out on the 15th. Tell Pete. I give Pete a lot of crap on here but I am asking you not too. Its wrong. You have a problem with ownership and management not the players. These players give us everything there fed up too. Imagine how that looks when half the arena walks out. You think players are gonna wanna come here when they see that. One thing about Islanders fans is that there loyal. Prove it. Why now? cause a stupid trade backfired? Why not in 2010 we sucked then too. Its all out of anger over this trade and season. Barn should be packed. not many games there until Brooklyn. This is stupid and pathethic. I hope you don’t got to games when they win if you organize the walk out.

    • Do you have reading comprehension issues?

      • Rob says:

        Sorry man. And again it’s that crap ass attitude you have towards people. I was hearing otherwise. I go to all games and I understand what your doing. I’m just worried about this looks. I know who it’s directed too but the players are not gonna like this. Not at all. What if they win the next couple of games before that game? Do we do this to a team that has won 2 or 3 in a row? If there winning that game? I mean I understand this is terrible. But I just feel that it won’t accomplish anything and the players wi not like it. A packed barn showing support for players is what we need. Were behind them. If nothing is done this offseason- you have every right but why now? They sucked 2 years ago. Sucked 5 years ago. Why now? Cause a trade didn’t work out? Come on. This is not a major set back. A set back to me means we lost the seasons we were developing these players. They are all here and developing. Like I don’t see edmonton doing this shit and they are worse. I’ll support.

        • Tj says:

          You worry to much Rob, and this year is as good as any. Garth had a terrible year. Nabokov never should have been brought back after he tanked in the playoffs last year. You don’t trade a #5 overall pick who is ready to step into the NHL for a bottom 6 forward. Not getting a goalie was a step backward, trading Nino was a step backward. Its not only the assets we lost trading for Vanek, it’s also the assets we could have gained if we held Moulson and traded him at the deadline. This was a horrible year for the Islanders and if Pete and the boys want to buy the ticket, then they have every right to be heard. I wish I could go, but I live in VA. Commute is to long for me. Hey Pete, maybe you can throw in a We want Spano chant.

        • paul says:

          1 oilers fan threw his jersey on the ice after the game. That was talked about for days in canada on sports talk radio and on tv. Prompting a response from the coach and a letter to fans from the owner. Might be your turn.

          • Harry says:

            that oilers fan was mocked by management and media, do you want the media to mock you clowns and not the franchise? leaving spare change. amateur hour, sounds like a bunch of college kids organizing this….o wait…

        • Vaislesfan says:

          The players will understand. They need ownership change more than anyone. Great job Pete!

          • Charley says:

            Players will understand??? Did you ever hear Matt Martin after a loss? It’s like his dog died. They live to be a pro and fans cheer for them not this bag over the head stuff. Your why they’re moving

      • Charley says:

        Read my posts! I agree with the protests but only to fire cappy. Garth getting nothing for vanek isn’t his fault. Wang saved the. Isles from moving to Quebec. There going to Brooklyn cause you guys don’t go to games, and they think 13 k in Brooklyn is big enough. No bags over the heads. Yes we shoulda got a goalie. Yes they will get a goalie this summer. Vancouver was a Stanley cup contender and now are worse than us. Give Garth some credit. Jack must go!!!!

        • ronnie k says:

          You arer dead right! Suggesting to fans to get their tix on stubhub so they can come to complain?? How about you guys showing some support earlier in the year to a team that had a pretty good end to last year! But no, we have 10k fans Game 2 of the season. That is why the team is moving and they give 2 shits about you guys chanting.

      • Charley says:

        Add Kate Murray sucks!!!! Fire cappy!!!! That’s it. No bags over heads. No inside out jerseys!!! Bossy and alumni are still around

    • Donatella says:

      Those people who are saying ‘not to walk out’ that’s it’s bad for the players and the fan base….are probably the SAME people who would rather “LIVE ON THEIR KNEES THAN DIE ON THEIR FEET”

      When there is a point to be made, when there is an issue to stand up for, you do not bow stand up and fight!

      Do you remember anything about the American revolution? Or any revolution for that matter? No one wrote a letter to management for their displeasure….they fought. (Example #174647858594 of p***ification in America).

      This movement is gaining steam and momentum….do you have THAT little faith in the players that they won’t understand what’s going, do you think they live under a rock and aren’t hearing what is happening.

      We are doing this for the players and the fan base…because we are the ones being shafted.

      And yes this isn’t war….but the same premise is there.

      I will stand up for the Islanders nation

      • ronnie k says:

        And you can take the train to Brooklyn after next season!

      • Eli says:

        Wow this post cracks me up!
        In this day and age, especially in the sports world for the people at the top (ownership, GMs), they are untouchable for us-the average fan who supports their business. Yeah, by protesting your definitely fighting a battle you can’t win. I’m pissed at wang and snow just like you and every other emotionally invested Isles fan, doesn’t mean a protest will change that for the better.

        Wang never really speaks publicly, but remember when he said the rebuild was a year behind this past september? if you don’t, here ya go:
        Given the fact that this season’s been an absolute disaster, if Wang wasn’t putting a ton of pressure on Snow with those comments, I don’t know what is. Let’s wait and see what his honest assesment is this summer because I’m sure you’ll be happy with whatever he has to say if thats what he said after we gave pitt a scare in the playoffs. Snow knows he messed up badly, which means he’s well aware his job is now on the line.

        This isn’t the American Revolution! HAHAHA! Sports are an outlet for us fans to get through after a long and hard day. When teams suck for 20 years, oh well, happens in every sport. Just look at the city of Cleveland and how miserable it must be to be a Browns fan, or even a Cavaliers fan. LeBron didn’t resign, at least we have JT for the next few years to right the ship. Get a grip, Donatella.

        Yeah were being shafted as fans, but the Islanders issues are both internal and external, and they are so deep-rooted its impossible for a protest to be productive at all.

        I’m glad you view this as war against Sir WANG Donafella, your not gonna win. And if you don’t think it pains me to say this then I don’t know what to say. It sucks, but it is what it is.

        Be a proud and supporting member of the Islanders nation, not some protest that gives us negative publicity and may ultimately be disastrous by 10PM saturday night because of islesnation. If it goes well, I’ll be the first one to man up and come back on this board and applaud all your efforts because I too want change. But this is very, very risky.

        Recognize the reality of the situation, people, please. This could send a terrible message to all the players regardless of the fact that you are not directing your complaints at the players.

  10. Timothy Bott says:

    I agree. Just keep it to snow must go, Wang must sell, and fire cappy, That’s it. Wear bags, and if u wear jerseys, INSIDE OUT, not backwards.

    • Charley says:

      Bossy goes to games. It’s a disgrace with the bags and inside out jerseys. Your not a fan. Your why they are moving to Brooklyn

      • John Doe says:

        Charley, you need to stop posting. The team has utterly sucked and been embarrassingly mismanaged for over 20 years. So they made the playoffs last year, a one and done for their first playoff series in a decade?

        The lunatic trades they made this year involving Nino and Vanek – what kind of imbecile GM trades a one-dimensional forward for the same, when there are glaring needs on defense and goaltending – and with all of this, they may end up handing the #1 overall pick next year to Buffalo, for NOTHING. Not even the Ted Stepien era in Cleveland is as dreadful as the ownership/management of this franchise since the early 1990s, from the crook owner forward. WANG MUST GO, period. Everything else will start to fall into place after Wang sells, as the new owner will thankfully clean house and hopefully spend the needed money to build a quality team.

  11. Rob says:

    Pete if you wanna get together sign something send something to management. Fine. I used to work for team. I know the names. I just feel it’s not gonna accomplish anything. I’m worried man. I love this team. I love this fanbase. I don’t want to tarnish the fans and coli. It rocked. It will rock again. Don’t get crazy over a bad trade that if it worked you would of loved. Mets have statistically been worse then isles in history. Nobody doing this out side citifield. I don’t want tavares to see this shit.

    • Harry says:

      i agree, all the angst over a bad trade, that snow did because he tried to get a top free agent, when all we do is complain about not being able to get free agents. the author is home on his college spring break and needs something to do. was he protesting when the JT&Vanek line had the team hot in January? no, we need a goalie, not a nutjob trying to get attention

  12. k says:

    I don’t mind a “Snow Must Go” Chant, but the rest of the chants are lame, especially since they are “planned” chants are better then they are spontaneous

  13. k says:

    I am against the “Fire Cappy” chant because that would mean Snow is doing the Firing, Garth Snow can not make another decision in this team, Fire Snow first and then we will see how the Isles do

  14. SC says:

    How about a petition to accompany the protest?

  15. Rob says:

    It won’t work man. Wang is not gonna sell or fire snow because of a chant going on In coli. Milbury had to quit himself and those chats were bad.

    If this works tickets are in me. I have season tickets and have no problem hooking you up. Let’s go islanders chants better be in full effect.

  16. Ryan says:

    As much as I want snow and wang gone, I believe that protesting is the wrong way to go, chanting sell the team and snow must go should b the only chants as well as maybe chanting save the players, but there needs to b a petition getting signatures with every islander fan at the game wanting a new owner and gm, that’s the way to go about this so big changes can happen THIS offseason so the shit show of snow and wang can end once and for all, we got rid of milbury by voicing out our feelings, lets ROCK THAT BARN

  17. TomD says:

    Pete….yes, it is time to do this. I have been a fan since 72, live in Jersey. I will come out for this. I am totally disgusted with Wang/.Snow. Lead this right Pete, listen to the advice, but make the final call and get the word out and many will follow. Thanks.

  18. paul says:

    First off im not an isles fan, just a canadian who loves hockey and stumbled upon this article. In hockey mad canada there is one thing that the nhl teams fear more than anything else, indifference,
    When the fans stop caring. this protest shows the fans still care. I know you love your team and its hard not to care but the protest wont do shit.
    My advice, 1 very loud FIRE SNOW chant throughout the game, and do it during a national televised game on nbc or during a game on hockey night in Canada. Embarrasing the owner on national tv should be effective and also bring more media attention to what has happened to this once proud fanchise. Good luck to all you die hard islander fans.

    • alansmithee says:

      Only three national games left: 4/2 against the Sens on TSN, 4/10 @ the Habs on RDS, and 4/11 against the Devils on NBCSN. The games televised in Canada won’t get the Isles’ situation any more attention than Farber, Hodge, Simmons and Arthur calling the team a tire fire on Tradecentre did. Maybe the NBCSN game, then?

      • Elroy Stevens says:

        good points. a good way to go would be to attend that 4/11 game vs. Devils on NBCSN. Get the “Snow Must Go” chants going. With Milbury in the booth between periods, they will HAVE to mention it since he went through the “Mike Must Go” chants almost ten years ago before Snow replaced him. Huge audience. Nice publicity. Snow Must Go has a catchier ring to it than Fire Snow, don’t you think? Also, it would be a good opportunity to get the NO BROOKLYN chants going,

  19. Nick says:

    Shut up Rob you fool.. Go take an English class.
    Pete: Behind you all the way, great idea. Can’t make the game but will be watching with my ears cocked.

  20. Joe says:

    Wear jerseys of other pro sports teams

  21. Jepliberty says:

    How about a chant of ‘Sit down and shut up Wang’, give him back his own medicine.

  22. Tom says:

    Wang doesn’t get any of the parking money.

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  24. LFBIV says:

    You spelled “WangUanSnow” wrong. Don’t just get rid of SnoWang, that’s not enough.

  25. Charley says:

    You guys don’t show up and that’s why the nhl has no problem giving us a small rink in Brooklyn, which I love, it’s cause you guys don’t show up, if I see a immature fan with a bag in his head then he’s not a fan.Protest= yes!!! Fire cappy = yes!!! Bags on heads? No!!! Jerseys inside out? No! Garth and wang??!? I’d wait on that

  26. Charley says:

    There’s nobody for Garth to get with vanek. This years draft sucks and next yeast is too good only the lightning gave away a first rounder. Andrew McDonald was horrible and is not worth more than 1.5 million if that. You don’t know how these youngsters turn out yet. Vanek was a good attempt. It helped the isles for awhile, if vanek was in better shape when they got him and Poulenc was played more often from cappy we coulda been in the playoffs. They only fault Is that Garth doesn’t fire cappy years ago. It’s cause of you guys I can’t go to modells in LI blocks from the coliseum and get isles jerseys, there’s way more rangers stuff. That shouldn’t even be allowed in the store. I yelled at the manager and they said cause nobody buys isles jerseys. Support the team. I have season tickets and I’m the one that should be pissed. Seats for $5 on stub hub, a losing record at home. That’s cause you guys don’t support them

  27. Bob says:

    really wish i could be there, i have to catch a flight the 15th, so chant loud and show the organization that we care and to stop dragging their feet

  28. Eli C says:

    Pete and people FOR the protest,
    Couple things about this protest that I think you should consider. Before I begin, I just want to say that I respect your opinion and I appreciate your passion as an Islander fan and that I too long for changes. My arguments aren’t meant to be vicious so please don’t take them the wrong way; I’m strongly against the protest you are organizing. The following positions are my individual interpretations on Wang, Cappy, Garth and the Isles organization as a whole.

    1. Do you honestly want JT, our captain, who is as loyal, classy, and committed to this fan base (see Winnipeg story) and to the Islanders organization (see 6 year deal as a sign of commitment) as they come, to see his own fans shit on the organization as a whole by protesting WHILE THE TEAM IS PLAYING A GAME IN AN EFFORT TO PROVIDE YOU WITH ENTERTAINMENT? I know this protest isn’t directed at the players, and rightfully so, but nevertheless, the phrases you are chanting will be heard LOUND AND CLEAR BY THE PLAYERS-in a NEGATIVE WAY. JT is as loyal and classy as they come and obviously he cares for this organization from top to bottom; he thinks the organizations future is bright, he loves his teammates and he stands by his general manager and coach. What happens when the fans don’t stand by their organization as a whole though? What happens when the fans don’t treat the organization that John plays and works for in the same way? How do you think that makes JT feel, as well as the rest of the team? These chants will negatively resonate with the players and even though thats not your intention it will happen.

    I don’t understand how you think the players can simply play on and tune out the chants completely; their probably gonna take issue because when your protesting the organization, your in essence protesting the on-ice product, which are the players. So go ahead, your chants will be heard loud and clear, and will be heard especially loud and clear by the players. They won’t appreciate it in the slightest and no, you are not sticking up for the players if that is part of your thought process.

    2. In regards to ownership, I would love for WANG to sell the team. However, without Wang the ISLANDERS WOULDN’T EVEN BE HERE! Let that sink in before you bash him. I hate him too, but at least he’s kept the team in the area…He lost a ton of money to keep the Islanders here as opposed to KC, etc. As a result, it is hard for him to spend money in order to improve the on-ice product. The move to Brooklyn ought to change that. Regardless, HE IS NOT SELLING THE TEAM ANYTIME SOON AND THAT IS REALITY. CHANTING “wang must sell” does nothing because WE AS ORDINARY FANS ARE IRRELEVANT TO HIS DECISION MAKING. HE WILL SELL WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR HIM PERSONALLY, NOT FOR THE FANS.

    3. Garth botched this year no question, this year has been an absolute disaster for him and its impossible to say otherwise. I think the Vanek trade was a great move at the time, I stand by that trade because Vanek is an upgrade over Moulson and if you say otherwise I really don’t know what to say. That line was fantastic. The return from Montreal sucked no question and was definitely disappointing, so its very to say the trade sucked and we should have kept Moulson. However, don’t you think JT understood the reasoning behind trading Moulson for Vanek in the first place and realized it was worth a shot? Improving the team probably means more to JT even if you have to sacrifice his partner in crime and good friend in the process. It was worth the gamble in my opinion, and it sucks we didn’t get a 1st rounder in return but what are ya gonna do?

    For me, I’m not at the point where I wanna see Garth fired because we need to see what these prospects turn into. Lee looks like a sixth round steal which is very huge especially after losing Nino, which by the way, I think Clutterbuck was a good piece to get in return if we have to make a trade like that with a disgruntled prospect, who may have been mismanaged, but should have had the balls to man up and realize he needs to be patient. Ryan Strome has been patient with no complaints, as has Griffin R, why couldn’t Nino?

    I could go on about Garth, if you wanna try and rip me a new one about him feel free because I’d love to hear your opinion and perspective.

    4. Fire Jack Capuano, 100% behind this. I am 0% behind chanting it at a game though because the players we support on the ice, the players who we are apparently not protesting, SUPPORT the man behind the bench! Capuano isn’t the one actually blowing these leads, he’s well aware how this looks from an outsider’s perspective on him, but what can he do when the players on the ice just wet the bed repeatedly? Do YOU HAVE A SOLUTION??? I’d love to hear it.

    5. Garth and Wang can’t solve 20 years of fans misery, so if you’ve had enough over the past couple of decades just don’t go to the games and don’t support the team. It’s as simple as that. Sports are for entertainment and are a great outlet, find another team to get behind, start following another team closely and attach yourselves to them if you are this fed up with the New York Islanders.

    In summary, the Isles issues are intertwined and overlap with one another for reasons both internal (mismanagement, financial restraints, holes on the roster, injuries, etc) and external (their reputation as a ‘tire-fire’, arena, free agents lack of desire to play there, etc). BUT HOW DOES A PROTEST FIX ANY OF THIS WHEN GARTH AND WANG STEER THE SHIP AND DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR PROTESTS OR DEMANDS?

    By the way, a lot of people who are against the protest and who have voiced their opinions here have said things that are absolutely right. A PROTEST SOLVES NOTHING.

    If you disagree and wanna debate what I’ve just said about this protest with me I’d love to hear your perspective because I just don’t see how this protest can possibly be a productive and effective method. Feel free to rip into me, I can take it. Please don’t mistake my passion for the Islanders in this post as me being condescending, that’s not my intention.


    • alansmithee says:

      Please pass the Kool Aid when you’re done kthx.

      • Eli C says:

        For what reasons am I drinking the Kool Aid? Garth Vader and Sir Charles? Cappy? I think what I wrote is a good place to start an argument, so please let me know when you’re ready to tell me your perspective and why I’m drinking the Kool Aid kthx. I already said I’d love for someone who disagrees with me to RIP INTO ME, SO HAVE AT IT!
        If you can’t even do that than there’s nothing to discuss.

        • ronnie k says:

          Eli you made a whole lot of sense, don’t listen to a guy who probably sits in 329

        • alansmithee says:

          1. You think JT’s going to stay with a Mickey Mouse organization that can’t or won’t surround him with the pieces necessary to win just because the fans are super duper supportive? Goaltending was a major issue in the playoffs. So Garth trades for a forward, signs two more, and within minutes of free agency beginning resigns the same goalie who ended the playoffs with an .842 SV% and a 4.44 GAA rather than going after someone like Khudobin or Emery, after punting on Bernier and Schneider.

          2. Gary Bettman doesn’t want to go down in history as the first commissioner of a league in 60 years to lose a New York team. He found ownership willing to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix; he would’ve had no trouble finding an owner willing to keep a New York team in New York.

          3. The Vanek trade was the worst squandering of assets Garth Snow has done. It’s as if Milbury made the move to trade Moulson, a 1st, a 2nd, and a conditional 5th for Sebastian Colberg and a conditional 5th and about half a season of Thomas Vanek. The Nino trade was a close second because we didn’t need another Matt Martin. Both trades made when the team’s biggest needs were defense and goalie, and all he gets are forwards. Sure, we have Reinhart and Puloch and Pokka and Pelech in the system, but we also had Petrov and Kabanov and Spurgeon (boy, we sure could use him right now) and Klementyev and Katic and Niemi, etc, etc. Prospects don’t always pan out.

          4. A better coach would provide the team with the discipline needed to not blow leads. Laviolette’s been available since the beginning of the season. Would YOU turn down a Stanley Cup winning coach behind this bench?

          5. The protesters are Islanders fans that are demanding better after 20 years of watching this team fail over and over again. And they still give a shit. Good for them! A shame the owner doesn’t! I’m sure we’ll get an interview with Chuckles where he gives the same responses about how the five-year rebuild that’s in its seventh year is going according to plan. But he’s running out of excuses. The building issues have been sorted out. He got a sweetheart deal from Tom Suozzi on the way out that’s given them a percentage of concession and parking revenue for the last five years. Barclays Center is paying the team money to move there. The Isles get revenue sharing under the new CBA. If he’s still losing money, it’s time to sell.

          Wang has been owner for almost 15 years. The team has won 8 playoff games since then. No team in the NHL has gone longer without winning a playoff series. You think fans chanting “sell the team” are going to embarrass this team? They’re already an embarrassment! Last season was a fluke, a product of a short season and a team that got hot at the right time. And as long as they’re owned by a cheapskate who looks for new and exciting ways to circumvent the salary floor, that isn’t going to change.

          • Eli C says:

            1. You think JT wants to see the fans he’s loyal to and has stayed with so far see this shit from fans? Yeah I’m well aware of Garth’s lousy regular season and last offseason, I already mentioned that. Again, it sucks, what are you gonna do? Protest cause it didn’t work out in hindsight? I also said its hard for him and wang to improve the on-ice product. If you want me to elaborate just read my post again.

            2. That’s not my point. You don’t even know if he would’ve found an owner, thats just a hypothetical. Were moving to Brooklyn, you can thank Wang for keeping the team from moving to KC so that the opportunity to move to Brooklyn could eventually become possible.

            3. I stand by this move and gave my reasoning in the first post.

            4. I SAID FIRE CAPPY! obviously. read that part of my first post again…not even worth elaborating.

            5. Yeah, sure, Wang doesn’t give a shit he just lost millions of dollars trying to keep them in the area. Give me a break of course he cares. External and internal reasons like i said before make it hard for him to better the organization. I ALREADY SAID I’D LOVE FOR HIM TO SELL STOP DRINKING THE KOOL AID AND READ MY FIRST POST HAHA.

            Yeah its an embarassment. You know what’s more embarrassing for these players? Having the fans add to the organization that they play for humility. Kick em while their down. The players are just as dissapointed with themselves as you are. Fans don’t do that no matter what, I don’t care how fed up you are grow some balls and be mature. Our players don’t like the situation their in just like you.

            Honestly, this isn’t even the point of the first post. I just really don’t know why people think this is the best course of action. I came here to understand why fellow Isles (those who will protest) fans think this is the appropriate move, not to discuss blunders every Islander fan who actively follows them knows about. Thats an entirely different conversation.

          • alansmithee says:

            1. JT already looks into the stands and sees empty seats. You think he’d rather see that than fans who want to see the team get better? Because I’d imagine (and, yes, this is a hypothetical, but one based on watching pro sports for most of my life) that once he’s a UFA, if the team isn’t seriously better than they are now he’s out the door. Why would he leave a supportive fanbase? Because he wants to win, and there are supportive fans in every NHL city.

            2. So the move to KC wasn’t a hypothetical? As soon as the Isles and Kings drew half capacity for that pre-season game, it became clear that KC was not going to be an NHL city. A city mad for hockey would’ve filled the Sprint Center. Wang never went to Quebec City, which would’ve been a more realistic threat for moving – he was trying to call Kate Murray’s bluff.

            4. “what can he do when the players on the ice just wet the bed repeatedly? Do YOU HAVE A SOLUTION??? I’d love to hear it.” Solution given: bring in a head coach with experience that the guys are going to respect, not their old buddy from Bridgeport.

            5. OK, let’s hear some of these external reasons. The building? Settled. No money from parking/concessions? No, that got settled too. The league thinks we’re a big market team and won’t give us revenue sharing? Fixed. No UFA will come here? Well, maybe the team being a laughingstock who makes their backup goalie the GM has something to do with that.

            As for your final point: “I just really don’t know why people think this is the best course of action.” Because there’s nothing else left. The only other option after this is giving up and walking away like everyone else on Long Island has done.

            I was 11 years old the last time this team won a playoff series. I don’t want to jump ship and start rooting for a different NHL team. I want THIS ONE to be good. As a fan I’ve been told for 20 years to be patient as the team perpetuially tears itself down and rebuilds itself back to mediocrity. You know what that got me? 5 playoff series. 8 playoff wins. Meanwhile I’ve had to watch Pittsburgh go from being a shitty team to Stanley Cup champs in 5 years. I’ve watched Chicago go from being a shitty team to Stanley Cup champs in 6 years. Neither the Pens nor the Hawks had six top 5 picks in 7 years. Garth’s on the 7th year of his rebuild, one that saw him with the 5th, 1st, 5th, 5th, and 4th picks in consecutive drafts.

          • Eli says:

            You know what, I’m realizing arguing on the internet will get us nowhere. I’m against the protest, you’re obviously for it. Please behave responsibly, make yourselves heard in the most mature fashion possible, and please do everything you can to keep this from getting out of hand. We can argue all day about this stuff but I don’t have the time or patience to keep doing this if you can’t understand some of my original points (i.e. like you I want Jack fired, think that’s gonna happen without a protest taking place). I’m sure you don’t have the time or patience either.
            Above all else, lets go Islanders! We can all agree on that.

            Let’s leave it at that.

          • alansmithee says:

            Agreed, Eli. We want the same things; we just disagree on how to get there.

          • Against the protest says:

            (In reply to number 5)
            It’s pretty funny that most of the “founders” of the website can’t even remember what has happened with at least 10 of the 20 years you want to protest…if you were just looking to get some publicity for your what seems to be a newly formed site you sure did a good job of doing so…congrats

    • Curt says:

      All sane and rational points. What are you doing on this blog?

      • Eli C says:

        Just trying to knock some sense into some very irrational fans. It sucks when you know the protest will cause more harm than good. People laugh at us Isles fans when this shit happens. Our seasons been such a disaster and everyone knows it not just NYI fans but many other teams’ fans too; this will make them laugh even harder because they know it will probably get us nowhere. Hope these guys see my reasoning, and at the very least respect it.

        • Eli C says:

          Thanks Ronnie. It’s hard for me to listen when his only demand is for me to pass the Kool Aid when I’m done haha. I’m still hoping to get a response from one of this site’s bloggers or anyone who disagrees with me. I just can’t understand their logic in this situation and would love to know as a fellow Islanders fan who has also been let down this year and years in the past why they think protesting is the most effective solution.
          Because I just don’t see it.

          • We’re doing it because we don’t want to sit around. There is an amendment right to protest, we will be exercising it.

            Franchise seen as a joke? Don’t look at us, look at the management.

            FA’s won’t sign here? Since when do they do that anyway?

            As for Wang, I’ve written plenty of articles about him, go read them. Too much to type. I want Garth fired because I can’t see this team taking the next step under his management.

            Embarrass the players? One, they should know it’s not about them, and two, they played their way to a last place finish so we shouldn’t be showering them with roses either.

            I’m not forcing anyone to partake in the protest, but it’s something we wanna do.

          • Eli C says:

            Very grateful for the response Pete. Glad to hear that this is your perspective. Let me respond to your six sections individually. Thanks for the hint of snobbiness now its game on :)

            1. I appreciate your passion and admire your attempt to do something about it. Can’t say I’d do that so good for you for organizing something you feel strongly about. But there are better ways to get the attention of the organization without just sitting around. How about organize an effort for everyone to literally stop going to the games? Completely cut off the interaction between fans and the organization.

            I know you have the right to protest, if you don’t think I know that and you feel the need to remind me well let me remind you that not everyone is unaware of common social norms.

            2. I’m LOOKING DIRECTLY AT YOU when it comes to having a mature conversation about the implications of this protest. Like you, I’m also looking at management. Management and ownership runs the franchise. Right now, their a joke, so lets agree there, but a protest won’t solve anything. What if people who you thought would protest flake out? I don’t know man, all I’m suggesting is you think about this shit before you go ahead and do it.

            3. Do you honestly think this is news to me? Serious question, because I actually can’t tell if your kidding or not. Haha. In case you forgot what I wrote in my original post, I mentioned the idea that Wang can’t improve the on-ice product for reasons both internal and external. read my post again if you think I’m this ignorant.

            4. As for Wang, did you read what I wrote in my original post? I said I’d love for him to sell the team but he’s not gonna do that just because of a fans protest. He’ll do it when the time is best for him personally, not you and other passionate and angry fans. Wang’s awful ability to run a franchise is a well-known fact for most hockey fans who follow the nhl regularly. A protest just magnifies it, which I think is your intention, but it just looks bad in my opinion. Once again, thats your opinion and to each his own. Make sure this goes right if you follow through. Get it under control if it doesn’t. As you already said, not all Islander fans will take part, so make sure they aren’t recognized as being apart of this.

            5. I’m jut gonna copy a paragraph from my original post in response to your first point:I don’t understand how you think the players can simply play on and tune out the chants completely; their probably gonna take issue because when your protesting the organization, your in essence protesting the on-ice product, which are the players. So go ahead, your chants will be heard loud and clear, and will be heard especially loud and clear by the players. They won’t appreciate it in the slightest and no, you are not sticking up for the players if that is part of your thought process.

            Secondly, I’m well aware they’ve sucked this year, as are you and every other Islander fan who will watche 82 regular season games this year and in years past. WHEN DID I SHOWER THEM WITH ROSES? Do you mean praise? I never really praised them either, so where did you get that idea from? If you interpreted that from my first post I’m sorry, let me rephrase that: They’ve taken a major step back, clearly, and yeah I know they’ve returned to their perennial position as cellar-dwellars. You don’t have to tell me twice.

            6. Once again, I applaud your willingness to take action. I’ll be at the game on saturday too but won’t take part in the protest. To each his own. As an Islander fan who feels otherwise about the protest (should be clear by now), I just don’t think this is the right course of action and I’m telling you because I too care about the Isles. Understand that please. If you wanna do something in order to get the attention of the Isles top dogs, try a more civil method that has a drastically lower chance of embarassing everyone associated with the Isles (fans, players, Snowy, Wang, etc). If you can’t recognize how horribly this may backfire, and how easily this may allow fans of other teams and tv analysts to rip on us, THEN RECOGNIZE IT. If this protest gets out of hand in any way ALL Islander fans look bad even if they weren’t at the game or apart of the protest. Make sure it goes EXACTLY the way its supposed to.

            Thanks again for taking the time to respond, lets do this again sometime.

    • Mike says:

      People need to stop saying that the Islanders would not be here without Charles Wang. That is so far from the truth it is hysterical. Gary Bettman was not going to lose a New York based team in his league. It just wasn’t going to happen. He wouldn’t let the Coyotes leave PHOENIX for crying out loud. If Wang tried moving the team out of NY, Bettman would step in just like he did in Phoenix and stop it from happening.

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  31. Curt says:

    This will do nothing but make us more of a laughingstock and drive more players away. None of this will raise the teams value so Wang sells. This will not make players any more likely to sign extensions or come play here. This will not make anyone want to check out a game and become a fan. I get your frustration but this does nothing to help the situation and frankly can only make it worse.

  32. Curt says:

    This will do nothing but make us more of a laughingstock and drive more players away. None of this will raise the teams value so Wang sells. This will not make players any more likely to sign extensions or come play here. This will not make anyone want to check out a game and become a fan. I get your frustration but this does nothing to help the situation and frankly can only make it worse.

    • k says:

      I agree, this is gonna be lame and it will make the players hate playing for the Islanders even more, just a bunch of idiots who are really trying to make themselves feel important then trying to protest something

  33. adam gravy says:

    This is a futile and stupid gesture and you are just the guys to do it. Get lives, it isn’t 1984……

  34. RC83 says:

    Hey Charley… why don’t you tell us again why the team is moving and why the team sucks? “Because you guys don’t show up”. Enough already. You sound like a child. If I ran a business I’d LOVE to have you as a customer. I could half ass everything and still, you would give me your money. Hey genius, there’s a REASON people stopped showing up to games. 20 years of losing and ineptitude by management will drive away most sane people. If I see a post of yours that DOESN’T include the phrase “because you guys don’t show up”, give me your address and I will send you a cookie.

  35. Scott says:

    I’m a die hard Isles for over 30 years. I grew up on LI and used to have season tix. I no longer live on LI but watch them on the Center Ice Package. I read all the articles on This is one of the best ideas by fans in a long time. Maybe CHEAP CHARLES will finally see that the fans have had enough. I wish I could be there, I will be listening for those chants on TV. The Isles could have solved their goaltending issues by picking up Devin Dubnyk off waivers for FREE, but CHEAP CHARLES is to cheap to get a player for FREE. He could have been in goal for the next 8-10 years, but nope. Way to go CHEAP CHARLES With the casino night the Isles had maybe CHEAP CHARLES can use that money on the team because he sure doesn’t use his own to upgrade the team. . I think I can speak for all Islanders fans including myself WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

    • Against the protest says:

      Dubnyk is terrible. Overrated. There is a reason why he has played for 3 teams this year. Enough said

  36. Elroy Stevens says:

    Is the media going to be invited? Do they know about it?

    If not, this will be a lot of effort from passionate fans…for nothing. Wang doesn’t give a crap. Most of the media don’t either. He will only care (maybe) if he sees something like this with his name attached to it in the press. The media will only care if they are aware of your “activism”.

    My suggestion; Send out a media advisory TONIGHT. It has to be constructed a special way for it to be read. You can find out how online. It has to be on the media’s desk in the AM tomorrow because offices are thinly staffed on Friday’s. E-mail it AND fax it. A must.

    Newsday. NY POST Sports. Daily News. News 12 and WFAN. Somebody will find it early, and hopefully it will be enough time for them to broadcast it…and most importantly, come down to cover it. The odds are against it because it is last minute, but it is worth the attempt. Seriously.

    Also, while I am in agreement with your enumerated gripes above, I am puzzled as to why you did not list “Wang Moving Islanders To Brooklyn”. If you get this thing off the ground, you just may be able to bring attention to the fact that the fans are NOT about to kiss Wang’s ass simply because he DIDN’T move the team out of state. The Brooklyn move is unacceptable. We’ve been bitch-slapped for years and we are paid back for our loyalty by having the Islanders ripped out of here and moved to Brooklyn? Let’s say you are able to accomplish all you want with this, you’re OK with watching an improved team in Brooklyn and not here on the Island? You guys can possibly be the ones who can keep the team here. Don’t discount that. And whether this rally works or fails, don’t let it be the last one. You have to keep planning and plugging away.

    I hope that one of your early chants will be replaced with “NO BROOKLYN” and you incorporate this into your rally’s targets. I’ve seen t-shirts and an Islander jersey, as well as fans holding signs at games, protesting this decision. He’s getting away with murder. If you are gonna call him on it, go all the way.

    Good Luck. Hopefully, I can join you guys. Thanks for standing up.

    PS– For those who want to defend Wang for the shape of this team because of what he has “tried to do” and for “what he’s done” in the past… wake up. None of it has translated into wins, prolonged playoff appearances or a Stanley Cup. And that is what this is all about. You get praise for accomplishment. You can get an atta-boy for intentions, too, but that can only go on for so long because results are what matters. And Wang has not only failed in the results department, he has kept a failed GM for about 10 years now. That tells me he doesn’t give a shit.

    Plus, Wang doesn’t have to move the Islanders. Nassau and Hempstead surely share the blame, but WANG owns the team and could have done it a different way– read: by building simply a new arena rather than a complex… and if the town and county were no help, he could afford to built it himself. By signing a 25-year lease in Brooklyn with no escape clause, he gave us all the finger on his way out not just Mangano and Murray. Fuck him.

    • Tj says:

      Why should Wang build a new arena for Nassau County? He won’t own it, he’ll get nothing for it. What kind of question is that? You want it, you pay for it.

      • Elroy Stevens says:

        if you can’t get anywhere with the county/town for a sweetheart OPM deal, buy a property, build he building. the he owns it. he can do it. he won’t.

        • Tj says:

          First he has to find the land, and then he has to get zoning permits from the same scumbags who screwed him. Not as easy as it sounds, your talking about a lot of acreage.

          • elroy stevens says:

            wang owns a ton of acreage in Nassau…if that land is not conducive to building an arena, he sure has the money, contacts and wherewithal to find a suitable plot in either Nassau or suffolk. wang’s biggest problem is that he would not agree to simply building a new coliseum…his second problem is that when he agreed to scale down the size of his giant complex plans, he would not agree to build the arena first. he is his own works bad as the county and town are…and could be… wnag is a my way or the highway guy…he ran into people he could not intimidate…it means more to him to move to Brooklyn and be a tenant for 25 years than it does to have his own arena and a small ( or no) complex. he is screwing his defenders every bit as much as he is his critics.

          • Tj says:

            Elroy, Where is the land that he owns that would accommodate a new arena, traffic and parking? Why should he simply agree to build a new coliseum? He does not own it, he is the tenant. Think about it, you rent a home, you want to move to a better one, but like your location. Are you going to pay to fix up the house you live in for the owner so you can still live there? You expect him to pay a couple 100 millions out of his own pocket for nothing? Nassau informed Wang in 2003 that they had no money to upgrade the coliseum and THEY ASKED WANG to come up with a proposal so that he could rebuild the arena and make money in the process. That’s how we got the Light House Project. Newsday did a story about the Town of Hempstead’s watered down version and they concluded it would be very hard to make money with their proposal. You can’t expect him to go with their proposal, and shell out a ton of money for a maybe? That’s bad business and quite foolish.

  37. rob says:

    Pete I am not trying to put down your effort or passion. I am not. But you have to see the other argument on this. There are other ways to do this. You make it seem like this is revolutionary man. Its not. Its quite stupid. What are your goals? Whats the realistic outcome? Cause nothing is feasable. Wang aint selling man. Pick another team if you want.

  38. Derek says:

    I don’t have a problem with a protest. But it should be done as they said, outside before the game, and again outside after the game. I agree with some peoples position that you don’t want to insult the players. But I don’t think the intention is to insult them.. in fact I think it is for them. It just be done in a way that doesn’t make them feel like crap, or seem to be the focus of it.

    At the end of the day, any protest against Wang or Snow is warranted. I don’t think the players would be “hurt” by it. Yeah.. Tavares does love this team. So did a guy named Matt Moulson.. and look what happened to him. If I were a betting man, I would bet that JT is counting the days until 2018 when he can get the hell away from this team. Wang/Snow are doing NOTHING to improve the situation. And in fact Snow is sitting back taking credit for things he doesn’t deserve, and trying to avoid blame for things he does. The bottom line is, we as a fan base have a right to voice our opinion against this so called “management”. It doesn’t mean we dislike the players.

    I will be at this game with my son. I’m not going to wear my jersey inside out or backwards or anything like that. Because I do love the Islanders. The team and the players. I will gladly join in on chants against Snow/Wang before or after the game. Not while the guys are trying to play to entertain us. At the end of the day its just a game.

  39. rob says:

    Derek I agree. And I do think things like this scare a player like JT away. There are bad teams in all sports. Never seen protests like this. Sure the players know its not towards them. But why would they want to play in front it. Thats my message to Pete.

    • Tj says:

      Have you ever been to a Jet game Rob. Do you know who Rich Kotite and Joe Walton are? Really, take a valium and calm down.

  40. Rob says:

    Just want people to see the other view point here. I want snow out. Would never do this tho and embarrass my team. Pete says it doesnt. It does. It’s embarrass whole organization more than we have to be. Trust the young players. Trust the direction. We take a step back and make a stupid trade and the world ends. Man what were people waiting for last 20 years then. Better ways to do this. I worked for team. I know.

  41. Tj says:

    I understand what you mean, but Milbury should have been fired when Wang bought the team, but he held onto a terrible GM for several years before he finally left on his own. Now we have another GM in Snow that has had such a bad year, its time for him to go as well, but for whatever reason, Wang loves him and won’t part with him. Milbury probably quit because of the fan ridicule, and Snow will probably leave the same way. I think that this protest is a great idea. Snow is hurting this team, we are moving backwards, not forwards.

  42. Rob says:

    Backwards is harsh. Considering last season yes. But I can name about 6 guys on team who are all snow draft picks that look like players. I think snows issue is free agent signings. Not exactly easy when we play where we do and have won as much as we have. No excuse but still. Snow put a plan out to build through draft. He has done that it has taken long but hard to say we have t seen flashes from players this year. They will get player. If these players develop next step next year and we sign a goalie and a defensemen so how far are we really? Is protesting that necessary or should we simply ask snow to make a move or two that he will prob make anyway.

  43. Tj says:

    You say to sign a goalie and a defenseman and we’ll be okay in one sentence, but say in another about how hard it is to sign free agents. We won’t get quality UFA’s until we start winning on our own….Snow blew it with Nino, it’ll be shades of Milbury watching him blossom for another team when he should be here. Snow failed to get a goalie last off season, when there were plenty to be had. He also lost a first round pick, 3 strikes and your out. How much better would the future look if you could add Nino to Nelson, Dehaan, Donovan, Lee, and Strome as locks for next year’s roster? This year cost the rebuild dearly. I want him out, as do a lot of other people, and this protest is a good way for the fans to be heard.

    • rob says:


      I have heard a lot about Nino being this disaster type move. I think he has piss poor attitude and clearly didnt want to be here. Yes I understand why he did not want to be here. And Garth blew that one. Nino is not the move that is going to bite us for years to come. In no way shape or form. Yes we coud say it would be nice to have him but wont be the missing link. And even after this Vanek trade disaster the total sum loss was ONE FIRST ROUND PICK. Think about that. Yes could we use it. Clerarly. But people make it seem like were not picking for years. I guess my point is yes the protest is warrented and I really do understand the frustration but I think it more has to do with the fact that this team gave us such great hope last year and we had a bad year. And that is all it is. Yes i know 20 years… but if your look at singulary it is a bad year. Thats all. The blues made the playoffs for the first time in a while a few years ago and the next year did not make it. They are probably going to win a cup. It happens. Edmonton has been worse then us. They have messed up every single draft. I dont see protests. Infact I see sold out buildngs every game. I just dont want this to get worse and I think this is going to rub the players the wrong way. Players want to somewhere where this is complete support.

      • Tj says:

        If Nino develops into a topline forward, and he’s not far from it, then its a huge loss. Having a first rounder to trade on draft day is a valuable asset. Having given it up for nothing hurts us.

  44. Nathan says:

    I’m actually a Sabres fan, but I feel for you all. One thing I will say, and i’ve seen it a few times on here, NEVER tell a man that kept your team in city or at least relatively close to sell the team. Many cities want teams, you put your franchise up for sale and who knows where it ends up. The late Golisano years were enraging for our fan base. But even if for selfish reasons, the man kept the Sabres in Buffalo. Wang kept the islanders on the Island as long as he could, at least he’s not taking them to another state or country. You can still see your team. GM and others, fire away, but I’m sweating bullets over what happens to the Bills when Wilson passes just like I was sweating prior to Golisano.

    • rob says:

      Nathan, these guys dont understand what Wang did. Your right. They see wins and losses. They have not a clue what there talking about. When Isles were winning last year they sung quite a differnt tune. Biggest frauds out there.

    • Bob says:

      There’s a big difference though – as much as i hate him, Bettman would never allow the Islanders to be moved (which is why they’re going to that dump in brooklyn, can’t even fit a hockey rink!) or allow the team to be sold to an owner to move them out. NY’s market is bigger than almost any other team’s in the NHL. That’s the thing – u can’t leave NY for a “better option”. Only smaller markets are out there. The Rangers wouldn’t let it happen either, Dolan’s got a lot of pull, which is also frightening. So yes, Wang, sell the team to someone who’s going to put money into it!

  45. Tj says:

    Most of the people here don’t think its possible to move a NHL franchise.

  46. As a dedicated die hard hawks fan who has been through the good days and the bad (thankfully now in the good) I applaud your effort. When the hawks sucked which was not that long ago, it was the 3,000 dedicated fans or so who would attend the games. The count we were told by the organization would be 6-8k when we knew it was less. When they turned it around and ran it right it made you feel that much better vs. a bandwagon jumper because they were on their way to the stanley cup and you had been with them the whole time. Be patient with the team and let the plan work it’s way out. I had season tickets through the most painful years for the hawks. I finally called my representative at the Hawks and told them two deals I wanted. Keep Tony Amonte or bring back Ed Belfour or I was dropping my tickets. They did neither. Than drafted Toews followed by Kane. I am now on the waiting list and have been for 5 years. The Islanders will get there. They just need to establish a trusted core to stick behind. They have the first pieces of the puzzle in place.

  47. yourMOMSonTHEpayroll says:

    Good ideas but cut out the “spare change”. They’ll probably put it towards resigning Bailey to a max contract. This team is Milbury’d !!! Just make DP the GM and get it over with.

  48. yourMOMSonTHEpayroll says:

    They should hand out free lipstick at the games so we can all look pretty as we’re getting………….

  49. Shaun says:

    Pete you are brilliant man. I will be at tonight’s game with jersey backwards….Snow has to go already!!!! Wang needs to follow….enough of this petty bs for this franchise.

  50. dino says:

    Mixed feelings, understand the frustration, I feel it too. But not sure if this is best tactic. As far as capuano is concerned, I don’t blame him for team’s current problems. The goaltending sucks, the defense is young/inexperienced/below mediocre…..The blame rests squarely with Wang, for he is responsible for making the backup goalie the gm. I’m preaching to the choir, but snow just doesn’t have the…..pedigree, I guess is how I’d put it, to be a gm of a major league sports franchise-at least not right now, maybe if he’d apprenticed…nah, he just doesn’t have the smarts. Banning journalists because you don’t like what they wrote….bush league. Didn’t he remember the Ryan Smythe fail to realize what a stupid and nearsighted move the Vanek/Moulson trade would turn out to be….too risky. What, he thought because he convinced a couple of players at the end of their careers(Nabakov, Viz..) to resign, is that where he got the bright idea that Vanek would sign with them? Getting a new arena in about a year..? He just doesn’t have the smarts to be gm, and Wang is to blame. Wang needs to butt out and hire a competent gm(who is crazy or desperate enough to work for Isles) or just sell the team for lords sake…….But with all that said, not sure if this type of protest is way to go.

  51. dino says:

    Oh, forgot to mention, I think Wang’s heart is in the right place and he has been successful in computers but that doesn’t mean he his cut out to be a major league owner. The whole neil smith debacle….Wang is probably just a control freak who should have let the gm do their job. But he can’t do that, thats why he will hire someone like snow who will let him tell him how to operate. If you ask me, thats the essential crux of the Isles current problems right there. Control freak Wang. I think Wang thinks his whole problem with the team lies with the arena….and not with how he runs things. Maybe he will finally get it in a few years if not sooner.

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  53. Brian says:

    Pete, everytime you guys make a chant, Howie and Butchie are talking bout the positives of this franchise. So management is listening to you guys.

  54. anthony says:

    The Isles have been trying to rebuild since 1990. I think everyone must go and they start all over. For the last 20 years they have traded some good talent for useless draft picks. Those drafts picks ended up leaving the isles after a season or two, so what was accomplished? This organization does not want to win. Not sure how they will get any better by moving to Brooklyn. Any hockey fan living in Brooklyn or Queens is a Ranger fan. Dumb move. I was a diehard through the 90’s and 2000’s and didn’t care how many games they dropped. I was still an Isles fan. I have since hung up the jersey and don’t watch the Isles anymore. I wish you luck with your protest.

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