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Published on February 11th, 2014 | by Pete Truszkowski


Isles Management Gets Free Pass

The New York Islanders are once again in last place. That’s a common theme for this team under current general manager Garth Snow.

Garth Snow took over this team in late summer 2006. He made the playoffs in 2007 off a team mainly built by Neil Smith during his 40 day tenure. He finished last in 2008. And 2009. And 2010. And also 2011. Oh, and 2012. In 2013, he rode the coattails of a nice winning streak to sneak into the 8th seed of the playoffs. Instead of building off the momentum provided by the playoff run, we are in 2014 and once again, the New York Islanders are in last place.

That once again brings up the question; why exactly does every facet of this team get a free pass from everyone?

The fact that there is still one single defender of Charles Wang is utterly insane.

Charles Wang does not lose $20 million dollars a year on the team. In fact, according to Forbes, since 2005, Charles Wang only loses $8.2 million annually on the New York Islanders. These numbers are also from Wang, a man whose former business partner is in jail for fraud. You think there isn’t some fraud accounting going on here?

In fact, there is no reason to believe that there isn’t some false accounting going on here. In late 2009, Tom Suozzi signed over a sub-lease between the Isles and SMG that would give the Islanders control of the Coliseum. Charles Wang became in charge of booking events and the likes for the Coliseum year round. In return, Wang bought in much more revenue from the events at the Coliseum. Tickets, concessions, parking, etc all benefited Wang now instead of SMG. However, there’s no reason to believe Wang isn’t putting his far more beneficial numbers under a separate entity. This “Islanders Entertainment” set up 2 months after the new lease seems like a fair guess, no? But it’s much easier for Wang to cry poverty without mentioning those numbers and events that line his pocket.

Garth+Snow+Charles+Wang+New+York+Islanders+2LQSr5qMGq2lCharles B. Wang is also the 278th richest person in America, with an estimated value of $925 million dollars. Think about that when you defend Charles Wang. This guy has more money in between his couch cushions than some people make per year. This guy could buy your house, destroy it, laugh and then chalk it up to a rounding error on his checkbook. Charles Wang lost $1.2 million dollars on the Islanders last year, if what he reported is totally accurate. Think of it this way, you received $1000 dollars from your uncle for graduating college. You lose ONE DOLLAR and 29 CENTS. You got a burger from McDonald’s. You got a slurpee at 7-11. You buy a candy bar at the grocery store checkout. That is what we’re talking about when you talk about Charles Wang losing money on the Islanders. But please, keep crying poverty Charles. And please, keep defending Wang saying he loses “sooooo much money” on this team.

Since 2008, there is one team that has appeared in the NHL’s lowest three payrolls all 7 years. If you guessed the New York Islanders, you are 100% correct. The Islanders had a chance to continue to grow their brand after last season. They were riding the momentum of last season and people were starting to believe in the franchise again. With a few more million dollars invested into this team, we’d be talking about a 2nd straight playoff appearance right now instead of the draft party. It’s simple economics, especially in sports.

Invest more money in your team. Field a better team. Sell more jerseys. Sell more tickets. Sell more hot dogs. Sell PLAYOFF tickets. Sell more season tickets for next year. Put more money in YOUR own pocket. It’s really not hard to figure out.

Or in Charles Wang’s case, it’s: spend no money on your team (cheating the NHL mandated salary floor for years), ice a pathetic product (last place in 6 of last 7 years), make no money (you don’t wanna pay to watch Jon Sim, Marty Reasoner or Peter Regin? Aww man), cry poverty (LOL 278th richest man in America), make people believe your cries (maybe you’ll get credentials).

One thing that really grinds my gears is when people act like Charles Wang “saved” the Islanders. Charles Wang bought the Islanders back in 2000 for the sole reason of a real estate grab. He didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he bought the team; he’s admitted as much. He says he wouldn’t buy this team if he had to do it over. His real estate grab, also known as the Lighthouse project, fell on it’s face. He didn’t have the best interest of the New York Islanders franchise in mind when he bought this team. He had his own personal interests in mind.

And even when the Lighthouse project fell flat on it’s face, the team was not leaving the New York area. We’re talking about the NHL here. The same league that is fighting tooth and nail to keep the Phoenix Coyotes in Phoenix. The same league that has never moved a team that has won a Stanley Cup in it’s history. No league would move a franchise out of a cash-laden market like New York, especially when there were other options as to where the team could play. It was inevitable this team was staying in NY, whether Charles wanted them to or not. To his credit, he did appear to want to keep them here, so good on him.

One of Charles Wang’s biggest failures is his lack of ability to be in control of the hockey part of this franchise. He kept Mike Milbury around way too long. Milbury was a total failure. He is now entering year 8 of Garth Snow’s tenure. Snow is not much better.

Mike Milbury had more success than Garth Snow as Isles GM. Let that sink in. There is no argument; both of these GM’s suck.

I’ll admit, I was neutral on Garth Snow until this past summer. But after watching Garth Snow turn last year’s awesome feeling of hope, belief and love for this team into this apathetic, awful feeling that I currently feel towards this organization, it’s hard to put trust into this man. Yet, for some reason, he gets a free pass.

Many Islanders fans look towards the Islanders “bright” future and give Snow a free pass. Well, according to Snow, the Isles embarked on a 5 year plan in the summer of 2008. We are now in the 7th year of that “plan” and we are still in last place. This team still SUCKS. And honestly, what exactly has Garth Snow done that is so amazing?

He’s drafted John Tavares. A monkey could have drafted John Tavares. Kyle Okposo was drafted by Neil Smith. Mike Milbury drafted Frans Nielsen. On the current present day roster, Garth Snow can hang his hat on Tavares, a young player who’s shown flashes of being a top 9 player (Brock Nelson), two fourth liners (Cizikas and Martin), and two second pairing defensemen with injury problems (Hamonic and de Haan). Mind you, we are 7 and a half years into Garth Snow’s rebuild.

Part of the problem is that fans tend to overvalue their own team’s prospects. Like I always say, when looking at a prospect you look at the upside and their skillset, but you don’t really think about the fact that they can fall flat on their face. When Garth Snow was hired in 2006, he wrote a “Letter to the Fans” that embodied this gem; “How can you not be excited about DiPietro…Robert Nilsson…Ryan O’Marra…Petteri Nokelainen…Jeremy Colliton…Kyle Okposo…Blake Comeau…Sean Bergenheim…Chris Campoli…and so many others.” 

image (2)3 of those 9 players are still in the NHL. One with the Islanders. One is an impact player at the NHL level. So next time someone writes how excited they are about “Ville Pokka, Andrej Pedan, Anders Lee, Johan Sundstrom, Anders Nilsson, and Kirill Kabanov” remember Snow’s letter. Because a majority of the prospects we are so hopeful for today will amount to be absolutely nothing. It’s easy to say that “our prospects now are so much better”, but honestly, that’s worthless until any of them actually prove it.  Last season, we were talking about how excited we were for Nino Niederreiter to ride shotgun with JT for the next 15 years. Now, Nino Niederreiter is essentially Cal Clutterbuck; a 3 million dollar 3rd line winger who has 7 goals.

On the topic of Clutterbuck, Snow failed miserably this off-season. You can’t even blame Wang’s financial restraints for this summer. It was just a miserable job by Snow, lets recap:

Trading a former 5th overall pick for a 3rd liner.
Signing that 3rd liner to a big, overpaid contract.
Paying Pierre-Marc Bouchard 2 million dollars to be an AHL player.
Giving Josh Bailey a contract that will handicap this team for years.
Bringing back Nabokov over 3m a year, further botching the goaltending.
Not addressing the defense.

What makes anyone think that this off-season will be different? Sure, Snow has made some nice draft picks; make him the director of scouting. Sure, Snow has made some nice low risk signings and waiver claims that have turned out well; make him a pro scout. But what makes anyone think that Garth Snow will be the one that takes this team to the next level? What has he done to deserve that benefit of the doubt?

Would anyone be surprised if he rolled into next season with the same defense he has to finish this year, plus Reinhart? Essentially, replacing a veteran presence who plays top 4 minutes with a rookie. Oh wait, didn’t he do that this year?

Would anyone be surprised to see Bailey and Grabner back in a top 6 role next season? Okposo has a spot locked up in the top 6, and one of Strome/Nelson/Nielsen will likely be moved to the wing. That leaves two top 6 wing spots open for next year. Do you trust Snow to bring in outside help to address this? Bailey and Grabner are signed for big money, meaning they’ll almost certainly be on this team in a big role.

Do you really expect Snow to fix the goaltending longterm this off-season? Or do you expect a project like Khudobin or Scrivens bought in? Do you really expect to see Ryan Miller or Jonas Hiller in blue and orange?

So Snow has proven to be nothing special in the drafting department. He’s also proven to be incompetent in terms of addressing the team’s issues, as seen by him not changing the defense or goalies at all this whole season. So what exactly does he do well? Keep the payroll low and keep his mouth shut. The perfect puppet for Charles Wang.

He won’t even fire Jack Capuano, who has proven to be way over his head almost every night in the NHL. Hell, just last game he had Eric Boulton out against Nathan MacKinnon and Gabriel Landeskog. AT HOME. So if Capuano is a good coach, doesn’t the team you built suck? Or if the team you built is good, why are they in last place? Coaching probably, right? It’s a combination of both.

I honestly have written quite a few similar articles about this subject, but I really just want to educate Islanders fans. Charles Wang sucks. So does Garth Snow. I don’t even have the energy to write about Cappy; it’s not worth it. It all starts at the top.

And unfortunately for us, it trickles from Wang to Snow, through Cappy and the players and our passionate fanbase is drenched in warm piss. Don’t worry though, Wang, Snow, Capuano, the blog box members and Snow and Wang apologists will all tell us it’s rain.

Take a sip of the kool-aid, it’s delicious.

About the Author

Pete Truszkowski

A 20 year old junior at SUNY Albany majoring in finance, Pete is the founder of Isles Nation. He's run the twitter account since January 2012 and the website since June 2013. His passion for this team is unmatched and he works hard to keep his followers informed and entertained. After all these years of pain and torture, I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

22 Responses to Isles Management Gets Free Pass

  1. Tj says:

    The Islander should have one of the lowest payroll the last 7 years. That’s how long this crappy rebuild has been going on for. I agree 100% about the Snow job we’ve been getting. Tampa, I believe got Ben Bishop for a 4th rounder last year. Snow of all people, should understand the importance of having quality goaltending. When we drafted Tavares, Tampa and Colorado followed and those teams are doing fine now.

    You talk about investing in this team and raising the payroll. In the past we’ve offered contracts to free agents only to watch them sign elsewhere, sometimes even for less money than what we offered. We’ve traded for players facing UFA hoping to sign them and that hasn’t worked. So outside of spending a boat load of assets to trade for a player who is already signed long term, what do you expect them to do?

    I checked out the Forbes web site. According to them, Wang paid 130 million for the Islanders, but when you read the article about the Cable contract, Forbes says that he paid 187 million. So which is it? Why accept his numbers with a discrepancy like that? Wang loses 8.9 on avg. a year according to Forbes. I’ve read in the NYTimes, Newsday, and on ESPN that it’s a little over 20 million on avg., so who’s right? What happened in 2005 that changed Wang’s fortunes around? If the lease was amended in 2009 in his favor, what are his loses now? And if he didn’t have is so bad, why would Suozzi amend the lease at all? You want Kool-Aid at this party, who’s serving?

    When it comes to hockey operations, he sucks. There is no arguing that, just look at the team record. He puts to must trust and loyalty into his GM’s, that is of course as long as you don’t have a respectable resume, like Neil Smith. I am not convinced that the problem is his check book. I think his problem is his selection on who runs the team and how much faith he puts in them.

    • Players don’t come here because of the circus like atmosphere and losing culture produced by the clowns in Snow and Wang.

      Forbes numbers are directly from NHL accounting. Maybe Wang purchased Cable deal as separate entity? Who knows. But I trust NHL numbers more than I trust the 20m figure that is what Wang said with no backing.

      Suozzi amended the lease in December 2009. He was voted out of office in November 2009, waiting for new guy to be inaugurated. Suozzi was a lame-duck politician doing his buddy Wang a favor.

      Until we have hockey people in positions to improve our hockey team, and we’re not at a league basement in terms of money spent, Wang is a problem.

      • Tj says:

        Let me tell you why I and people like me defend Charles Wang. In 1984, Dolan made deals with the Islanders and Mets for broadcasting their games. They way I remember it, the Islanders felt that a Stanley Cup winning team was as valuable as a struggling baseball team. Cablevision agreed and the Islanders got a fantastic contract.

        In 1985 Pickett signed a lease between the Islanders, Nassau County and Spectacor Management Group, the company responsible for running Nassau Coliseum. The lease, to put it mildly, was a disaster by turning over all concessions and parking revenues, as well as 11 percent of the box office and third of the advertising, to SMG. That same year he moves to Florida and becomes an absentee owner. So Pickett starts to sit on his butt collecting fat cablevision checks, investing little back into the team.

        The situation got so bad for the team that in 1991, Pat LaFontaine, the Islanders’ best player, asked the only team he had played for in his NHL career to trade him. LaFontaine felt that management had been disingenuous during earlier contract renegotiations, and decided he wanted no part of Pickett. Captain Brent Sutter also issued a trade request that same year. They wanted to play for a franchise that was committed to winning and wasn’t constantly in financial limbo. If any player, that was developed or acquired by the team, started having success on the ice warranting an increase in salary, would then be traded away. If this was the 90’s John Tavares have been long gone by now.

        In 1992, aware of the limitations of his absentee ownership, Pickett attempted to re-establish local management of the Islanders by selling a minority stake in the Islanders to a committee of four Long Island entrepreneurs – Ralph Palleschi, Bob Rosenthal, Stephen Walsh and Paul Greenwood. As part of the sale, Pickett gave them operating control of the team. These are the bozos who came up with the fish stick logo and our beloved team officially became an embarrassment. I never saw a Ranger fan so happy. It was a humiliating, the fans around the league where laughing at us and there was nothing we could do.

        Pickett sits in Florida for 11 years collect his checks until 1996. This guy reminds me of Casey Stengel who took the Yankees to about 10 World Series in 12 years, but then went to the Mets and completely sucked. Pickett was great in the beginning building up this team, he helped make it into a dynasty, but then it became his retirement fund. At this time Gary Betteman comes in and brokers a deal for John Spano to buy the team. Everybody was sick of Pickett, so Spano was held up as a savior for this team, and everybody celebrated. After a few short months the team ended back up in the hands of Pickett. We would joke that it’d be better to leave Spano in charge, at least he’d write the check. At this time the Coliseum was already outdated and there was talk of getting a new arena. Gov. Pataki pledges 30 million towards a new arena or refurbishing the coliseum. Pickett then raises his asking price for the Islanders 30 million because with the governor’s pledge, he argued the Islanders equity went up with it. This is a great example of a bad owner. Wang doesn’t come close to Pickett. The Islanders never did see that 30 million.

        Pickett finally sold the Islanders to a group headed by the Coyotes co-owner Steven Gluckstern and New York City real estate developer Howard Millstein. Islanders fans were nervous about them. Gluckstern had just moved the Jets to Phoenix. To gain fan support they actually set a table in the concourse during the games and you could go up and talk to them. I met them myself. They said they wanted to hear what the fans had to say and to address our concerns.These guys actually tried to move the team when they couldn’t develop the land around the coliseum, but that crappy lease actually saved us. It was iron clad that the Islanders could only play their home games in the coliseum until 2015. So they got pissed off, ordered Milbury to reduce the payroll, and forced him to trade our 1 remaining star in Palffy. And it stayed that way until they could unload the team. This is a great example of someone who was only in it for the real-estate.

        So Pete, you were about 5 when Wang bought the team. I was 32, I remember what was said. I was as avid a fan then as I am now. Charles Wang wasn’t looking to buy a hockey team, he was approached by former Senator D’Amato who convinced him to buy the team when no one else wanted them. From a article in Let their be lighthouse… “D’Amato is the person who engineered the arena deal with SMG, a deal widely regarded as the worst in sports history, that has bled the County and the Islanders of millions of dollars since its signing. Mr. D’Amato is also the person who convinced hockey neophyte Charles Wang to purchase the Islanders, citing fan passion and the guarantee of a new arena/Coliseum land development to offset the costs.” Wang has always said from the beginning that Long Island was his home and he was committed to keeping its only sports franchise on the Island. I’m sure he thought he’d make money, nothing wrong with that, after all he spent a lot to acquire them, but he also bought this team for “love of his community” as he said at the time.

        You say Charles Wang only bought the team for the real-estate deal. Lets take a look closer then. He buys the team after a United States Senator assured him that a real-estate deal could be done, he bought it after the last guy (a real-estate tycoon in the New York area) couldn’t get a deal done, who bought if from a guy who wanted nothing to do with this team anymore, who reacquired it from a dead beat con artist, who bought it from a guy that was sitting on his ass for 11 years collecting checks from cablevision. Should I bring up that crippling lease again that in the year 2000 still had 15 years to go. Does this sound like a great idea for a real-estate investor? Maybe then there is something more to it than just real-estate. Still have doubts? Well lets talk about that real-estate deal then. Where is it? Why no deal? There is no deal. What happened to the deal? Charles Wang buys the islanders for real-estate, as you say, and I don’t see any deal my friend. Instead the owner of our beloved team got screwed by all the Politians in the area.

        You think you know bad ownership? You grew up when George Steinbrenner, one of the best owner in all of professional sports, was in charge of the Yankees. I grew up watching Pickett destroy this team. Writing this makes me think that probably everyone who defends Wang is my age, and everyone who wants to run him out of town is your age. We can agree that as for as Hockey operations go, he is not good for this team. It sucks because I believe it just a matter of getting the right GM in place. When it comes to the business side, I don’t think we are going to change each others mind, but at the end of the day, the Islanders will only be one county away, with the same name, wearing the same jersey, I can still call them my team, and I will always be thankful for that.

        • I understand what you’re saying.

          Say you have a kid, and on his first two tests he gets a 50 and a 55.

          On his third test, he gets a 60.

          You might say this is progress and not be angry about it, but in my world it is still failure.

          • Tj says:

            Right, I get what your saying. The question is not whether he is a bad owner, but why he is bad. That’s were we differ. Is he bad because he’s a cheap skate? Or is it because he can’t hire a GM.

        • It’s a combination of both in my opinion

        • Ed O'Malley Ed O'Malley says:

          I pretty much agree with you. I don’t think Wang’s checkbook is the issue. He did drawback the budget for a few years, but that was after the Lighthouse Project was officially dead, so he wanted to recoup some losses while the rebuild was in its infancy stages. Now with Brooklyn on the horizon, I do believe they will be more aggressive this summer attempting to improve team anyway. The increase in spending last summer (albeit mostly on own players) is why I believe that as well.

          Wang’s biggest fault IMO is he is loyal to some of these guys to a fault. Milbury should have been canned as soon as he took over as owner, but he kept him around for years to continue to destroy the farm system until there was nothing at all there. Snow’s basically had to rebuild the system from scratch as if this was an expansion team. Now, Capuano has overstayed his time as head coach, and he should have been gone before that 10 game losing streak reached 10 games.

        • Harry says:

          wow, some facts and explained reasoning. Nice post TJ, it’s crazy how many ridiculous situations have unfolded to just set this franchise back each time more and more.

  2. Tj says:

    That’s where we differ, you think he’s cheap. He buys the team, payroll instantly goes up, Milbury sadly trades away our future and signs Yashin and Pecca to a lot of money, then we take Chris Osgood contract of the hands of Detroit. These were not cheap moves. I don’t have to go further down this road, you know of the other contract offers to free agents. I was mad about the Vanek offer originally, but then I thought, I wasn’t in the room, we don’t know what really happened. When you negotiate a contract, you don’t go in with your best offer. You go a little low and wait for the counter. Instead he tells Snow, thanks, but I’m going to be a free agent. No counter offer coming. Who knows how high we would have gone. You might not like what we offered Vanek, but when Snow traded for him, Wang knew it would cost a lot to keep him. …If your GM decides you need to rebuild from the ground up, your going to have a low payroll until your players deserve more money. Free agents aren’t going to commit until you’ve shown you’ve turned a corner and start winning. The team on the ice is Snow’s fault. They GM who should be a scout instead, that’s Wang’s fault.

  3. ablesser88 says:

    I have already accepted the fact that we will never win with Wang as our owner, sad as it may be. I don’t actually think Snow is that bad of a GM seeing as who the owner is and what he is allowing Snow to do (very little). Best case scenario is that Wang realizes that his real estate plan failed miserably, and as soon as we move to the Barclays Center, he sells the team to an actual owner. All of our problems stem from him, and we will always be the whipping boys of the league until something happens from the very top.

  4. Harry says:

    Thanks for the “education” haha

  5. Harry says:

    and what’s your alternative to the coaching situation? or the GM? to just spew hate against the team, from your high perch, without explaining what another “real” coach or GM does is just amateur.

  6. Harry says:

    and average NHL players make 2-3 million/year. So clutterbuck’s deal really isnt that bad. Same with Bailey, if he can get to 45-50 (he’s on 35 point pace now) points, that deal isnt fine as well. It’s not like they’re signed for 7 million a year. But keep going nuts over deals for 3rd liners, without putting forth what he should have done.

  7. Harry says:

    you’re so quick to snatch any credit away from Snow in this piece, just to fit your narrative, but fail to say that Snow was responsible for bringing along Nielsen and Okposo. Development is just important as picking the player. Nielsen was in the system for 3 years under snow until he received an NHL role, and Okposo was brought along by Snow too (taken out of Minn, etc). On the other hand, Bailey was rushed, and it has delayed his progress by probably 2 years. Nino was also a disaster, but that seems to be a salary floor maneuver, which is an utter joke, and points to ownership, not player development.

  8. Dracula says:

    “I honestly have written quite a few similar articles about this subject, but I really just want to educate Islanders fans.” Before you attempt educate anyone, you illiterate baboon, you should first learn how to write properly. It’s, is the contraction of it is. What you were trying to write was the possessive of it, which would be its. You also need to proofread your mindless drivel. As immature and insipid as you are being a 19-year-old, you write like a retarded 9-year-old. You should write for the rangers. You would fit in perfectly with those inbred, drooling, dysfunctional, and retarded imbeciles. Before one calls himself a writer, one must know how to write. You do not, you illiterate boob.

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  10. Hey19 says:

    Forbes does not get their numbers from NHL accounting. How naive do you need to be to believe that !?!?!

  11. Tj says:

    Pete, the link above to Forbes 400 richest Americans is dated Sept. 28th 2001. That’s one year after he bought the team and hardly reflects his loses.

    The NY Times spoke to Art McCarthy, the team’s chief financial officer in a article dated 07/17/2003 ”People see our revenues at $57 million and our payroll at $44 million, and want to know why we don’t pay more for players. But we have other expenses, most of them fixed. Players’ salaries aren’t our only expense.” (The $44 million includes salaries, bonuses, insurance and pension payments.) The Islanders’ calculated loss of $19.5 million in 2001-2 is considerably larger than Forbes’s $4.5 million estimate. Part of the discrepancy exists in the team’s inclusion of $6.8 million in interest to pay the debt to acquire the team. Forbes excludes that figure because it is tax deductible. Their calculations differ in various other ways. The financial documents the Islanders provided were audited by Ernst & Young, except, as yet, last season’s, McCarthy said, and are the same statements the team submits to the league.

    So after 01-02 season, loses where calculated at 19.5 million and Forbes had is at 4.5. Think about that the next time you want to use Forbes for your research. I read that John Spano paid 85 million for the Islander, and then 80 million for the cable contract. So how much did he pay for the team? 85 or 165 million? Point is Charles Wang paid a lot more for the Islanders than the 130 million that Forbes says he paid. That figure is either wrong or misleading.

    You think things are rosy for Wang after the lease amendment? Even with the amendment its still a terrible deal for the Islanders. Speaking the other day Gary Betteman said “Wang’s got one of the most onerous leases in the worst building in the league”. Chris Botta reported that the Islanders lost close to 5 million this past season even though they got 15 million in revenue sharing. Without revenue sharing being negotiated into the new CBA, loses would have been closer to 20 million. Yeah, we have a good lease now.

    We lost 5 million last season. The flip side to that is if Garth could have gotten a goalie (I can’t get Ben Bishop for a 4th rounder out of my head) then he could have made a profit. Yet another reason to fire Snow for the disastrous year he’s had. I have only one problem with Wang, he can’t find a competent person to run his team.

  12. Tj says:

    You say above. “Invest more money in your team. Field a better team. Sell more jerseys. Sell more tickets. Sell more hot dogs. Sell PLAYOFF tickets. Sell more season tickets for next year. Put more money in YOUR own pocket. It’s really not hard to figure out.”

    So after the 01-02 season, we finish with 96 points, one point behind the Flyers for first place in the Atlantic division. The Islanders took Toronto 7 games in the first round, and they still lost 19.5 million on the season. The lease and the arena has made it impossible for the Islanders to sustain any kind of long term success. It didn’t matter who owned the team the last 14 years, the Islanders have been in need of a new home for some 25 years now. Instead they get forced out of Nassau. Where were those special referendums for Citi Field, Yankee Stadium, or MSG when it was refurbished? Where’s your anger towards the politians in Nassau county?

    Invest more money in your team. Field a better team. Sell more jerseys. Sell more tickets. Sell more hot dogs. Sell PLAYOFF tickets. Sell more season tickets for next year. Put more money in YOUR own pocket. Never did work out for the Islanders.

    • Have we not told you over, and over, and over again that the lease was amended in 2009?

      Yes, the original lease was horrid. It hasn’t been like that in over half a decade

      • Tj says:

        I mention the leases amendment, maybe you should reread what I wrote. I just shot so many holes in your story, it resembles Swiss cheese, and this is the best you can come up with? I’ve been coming up with facts to back up my claims. You back up yours with your own opinions.

        You say Wang is a bad owner because our records says were bad. But why are we bad? How is a physician going to treat a patient if they don’t know what’s causing the illness? The last 14 years haven’t been bad, its been the last 29 years that have been bad and in that time we’ve gone through 5 ownership groups. The only person who could have had any success with this franchise during that period is Jesus Christ.

        You should be thankful Wang had all that money to lose. What if we had a owner that went bankrupt? Take the Penguins for example. Horrible lease with SMG, team goes bankrupt and a bankruptcy judge tears up the lease and they strike a new deal with Allegheny County for a new arena. If we went bankrupt and our lease got ripped up? Well Nassau county has no money to replace the Coliseum.

        I’ve done my homework, if I’m going to defend the man, I want to make sure I have my facts straight. And the more I research, the more I’m finding not just how bad the Islanders have had it, but how good other teams have it. He saved this team and kept them in the area. Now with Brooklyn on the horizon this team should be finally able to move forward.

        FYI That lease amendment cost the Islanders 17 million.

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